Geoffrey Morris- Early and Modern Guitar

Website for the activities and recordings of the Australian Guitarist Geoffrey Morris.

‘Top billing surely goes to [Ferneyhough’s] Les froissements d’ailes de Gabriel, a work that is simultaneously a freestanding guitar concerto and the second scene of the opera Shadowtime.

These are very fine performances, beautifully captured. It would be invidious to single out any of the soloists, all of whom acquit themselves handsomely; but perhaps the two guitarists [Geoffrey Morris and Ken Murray] both of whom play in the guitar concerto and in the ‘spin-off” work, the duo ‘no time (at all)’ deserve special mention nonetheless’.

GRAMOPHONE (UK) Editor’s Choice July 2010


“ ..brilliantly played by Geoffrey Morris" Paul Griffiths, The New York Times (USA)


“veramente strepitoso” (absolutely brilliant) Dino Villatico, La Republica (Rome)


“…fluid and expressive performance, rich in unusual timbral combinations.…..magisterially conducted by Geoffrey Morris: the Australian guitarist manages to sum up the musical sense of the figures, retaining a notable clarity of execution even in the most arduous difficulties, always united to a discursive sense of the events. Sincere compliments for the interpretation and recording of such an important and so difficult a work.

…conducted yet again with clarity and agility by Geoffrey Morris” Elena Casoli IL Fronimo (Italian Guitar Journal- Milano)


“a virtuosic and concentrated performance” Peter McCallum, The Sydney Morning Herald (Sydney)


" the execution is of the highest standard and an assertive, intense, highly coloured and above all powerful reading is the result." M. Mortimer, AVANT (U.K.)


“deftly and elegantly interpreted…all the shading and nuances of expression that this virtuoso piece demands” Stephen Ingham, The Age


“a rewarding exploration led by a dedicated and sensitive musician…” Peter McCallum,

The Sydney Morning Herald


“ An itinerary for ‘extreme guitar’ but without provocations. All stuff of today but all good music, pleasing and splendidly played” ***** “ottimo” Angelo Foletto Suonare News (Italy)


“the most significant contemporary guitar compilation of recent years…played with a flair and musical intelligence which confirm Geoffrey Morris not only as one of Australia’s leading guitar exponents but as a musician who is genuinely engaged with the music of our time” Gareth Koch Libretto


“ Geoffrey Morris is clearly a fearless virtuoso of the guitar…this is a brilliant album, stunningly well played. If you’re an adventurous listener, you should consider acquiring a copy. If you’re a guitarist, you should buy it without hesitation; otherwise you might as well go back to picking your way through the introduction to “Stairway to Heaven”. Andrew Ford Limelight ( 24 Hours)


‘Morris handles these works delightfully, and the shifts from one to the other (Scelsi to Scarlatti) provide rare insights into the instrument’s possibilities’. Chris Reid RealTime